Sunday, September 23, 2012

a Standard Lens

This is the first time I attended a photo contest. Committee amid unpreparedness I still decided to join photographing something. maybe that model. yah. those two women are physically beautiful.

There were sixteen participants and it seems like I'm just using a standard lens. I'm confident with it. Of Course. Great photographers say not as expensive cameras right?

At first it was horrible race. But who knows what possessed, one of my shots look good, and ultimately become the BEST. haha

Should I put it best picture here? It should be. but I'm not so fond of his model. Malicious model. haha Oopss. alright. I'm a professional. Here it is. :) this annoying

Let's forget if I hate this model. Praise barrage of Mr. Dee. He said that I made a bad dress look fashionable in this photo, the perfect composition, perfect WB, and perfect expression. But I wasn't satisfied. 
This is only a whip. But I admit, my standard lens is superb.

I don't know when I will have a new lens. My hobby is very expensive. But this is my life. I was going through it, even though it was a standard lens forever. 
I'm serious.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Karate. Forever My Soul

Being a karateka since Elementary School.
sweat, tired, accomplishments, life lessons.
Then almost a year of not practicing Karate.
Thanks to a solid Bushido spirit.
Discipline weather it will never disappear.
osh . . .