Friday, November 11, 2011

Flat Mood

A hot day. There are no clouds as usual, and hope it will rain is stupid.

Date with a good number make this day a lot of the wedding. 
Many are hoping to have his baby. Anyone willing to caesarean section? do! :p

But what happened to me? Mean? 
What the hell should happen to me? I was already born. lol
I don't have a partner .... hahahahaha and I haven't decided to get married. I just recently it wasn't important.

Only shared with my BB Cream.

Ou yeah I haven't told? This cream that I wanted all along.
Blemish balm products is very very very very very popular in Korea.
They use it, I also. *so what?

An ordinary day.
Any date, in the end I will still write blogs aren't important, taking pictures with a crappy camera, huff! daydream while waiting for practice time.

And now I'm hungry.
I only eat bread whereas from childhood I eat rice (?)

Hot weather. Really hot. I can't concentrate to write something good.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cool New Soul

Somebody said to himself,

First. You always through the beautiful streets, but you never feel it because you only pay attention to the twists, rocks, and the fear of falling.

Second. People who are STRONG don't live in a safe, beautiful, and comfortable place like heaven! They are strong because their struggle to survive.

Third. Life too short. Death is the closest thing. You don't want to realize your dreams now?

I'm in cool new soul!
I never to go back.
Really don't want to return.
I have continued my life! You see? yes you!

My life changed. And I will continue to change until I discovered something that was predestined for me.
I hope something is the same as my dream. Amen *this secret with God ;)

I'm ha~ppy..
It's been very long time I didn't eat ketupat in Eid.
Yepp.. That's a different night.. I'm cool :D