Monday, October 31, 2011

my cam ... cam ... errr~ my camera not the SLR .. haha (?) umm, This is actually my campus! '_'

It's sad that I ever dreamed of studyin' abroad. Japan.
I never bury the dream, also never intend to forget it. 
I just remember my parents
their efforts, 
my effort,  
and my fate

This first time I publish my campus in my blog.
I'm not ashamed, I'm just afraid they're jealous. Joking. I'm kidding. huaha.

Yea. I'm jealous ... and they will mock me.  
What I was that "smart" to think that they would make fun of me has been studyin' at the new campus was built and almost not official? not too.

This canteen is always I go for lunch.  
This cafeteria best, because I found my favorite noodles in it
Coto Makassar noodles boiled  with eggs. wo hooh.

Everythin' still looks natural, rice fields, ponds, palm trees, mountains, cows, is a daily sight of the inevitable

Actually this isn't the actual land to be used for the construction of this campus.  
This land is only temporary. So not seen any action in order to at least almost looks like a campus. nothin'.

Actual land to be used at the top of the mountain, quite spacious, convincin', and fascinatin'. wew.
I hope "my grandchildren" would later be the best student in his generation while studyin' there.

I'm glad it didn't photograph the land.  
I just hope the old universities have long standing, at the start of any construction such as "it". Full of struggle "waiting". whether what government does in this ghost town. hellowwh!

Should I explain the picture below?  
I was waitin' at the bus stop.  
A nice view isn't?  
Unfortunately my camera isn't SLR.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

summer (?) fun

I think it will happen awkward moments.
we are already too familiar, and too late to meet, Fildzha. lol

I've forgotten when we became friends, haha ​​.. which I remember only one. "they" that makes us know each other. 

Yea ... I don't want to discuss "they" and I regret has involved the word "they" twice. Ummm ... no ... no ... three times.

"That awkward moment is when Nuna has written a post "Goodbye Pink" and the next post looks at the picture she was holdin' a pink cell phone."

I'm not sayin' there is a summer in Indonesia, but today it's very very very hot.
SPF 25 doesn't work! maybe. And you will be black.
Therefore I call summer.
summer fun! :)

We just go out to eat meatballs in a stall memories (?)
Let's just say we were there because it is a good place to eat that is closest to my house.

Then we went to a karaoke.
Ummm .. err ... haha '__'

I never knew there was karaoke law is good, true, and doesn't violate the law. XD
I just want to look like "rocks" and "extreme" ... @#$%&#%

Doesn't look like it huh?
OK, forget it  *tear

Karaoke places that we visited didn't (never) update the songs. It made me cry inside.
I hope to sing songs Kpop or my favorite, YUI, Ikimono Gakari, other international songs.
But that is only available in the playlist, old songs, old singers, even the singer who has been disbanded. painful!

But my voice is very nice treat every situation.
And Fildzha sound almost (?) sounded good complement everythin'. :D

Sangkyu for today ^0^

NB: Don't tell me news of "that" anymore! I don't want to know. 
But if you want to tell me, does nothin'. I will hear (?)

Goodbye "Pink" ! goodbye...

I just wanted to say goodbye at the beginnin' of this.

Pink is probably just memories.
Pink is probably a dream.

or maybe Pink is a color?

I don't know...

the cryin' is over!
but I didn't say Pink ever made ​​me cry... no

There are times when a person had to really accept the reality on its head. 
Couldn't resist, and couldn't escape. 
a person is lost.

Pink ...

Should I wave?

I regret colour of my dearest doll
I can't leave it.  
It's slept as a good friend

Let's hope somethin' wonderful happens.  

Sooner or later, I believe it.  

Somethin' that is more more more more beautiful will happen. 

That's a promise of my Lord.

さようなら . . .