Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 Days 4 Nights, Great Ship and Ocean

This first time I've sailed.
Float with the ship on the sea.
I don't like any food on board. Just playing cards with friends. And sleep sleep longer.
This makes my cheeks more rounded.
It's not dumplings anymore, but the voly "ball". Oh my ...

But this trip very enjoyable.
I saw something that I will never see except here.
Around half of Indonesian marine and see ​​people with different characters.
This is the ocean.  
As far as the eye can see only the ocean!
we really "small" God!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Day at the West Door of Nagoya

It's last day of my team competed.
I am afraid.
We don't want to go home with shame.

Yea ... it has happened a lot the day after I write this ...


If time can be played ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Little Arabian Girl

So glad Papa home. 
40 days more didn't see him very missed.

Yea. I agree that the photo below is "something".
Papa didn't look into the camera and the results are quite stunning.  
I'm a little proud to be his daughter. lol

A little story about a Little Arabian Girl, pretty, cute, like me, who's in Papa's arms.
Papa was very thirsty. but soon, a little girl ran up to him and brought a glass of zam-zam water.
She comes out of nowhere and forced Papa to drink the water.  
Papa drank it. Of course, he was thirsty.  
But didn't realize "this child whom? from where?" 

After spending the zam-zam water. Papa seemed unaware the existence of the child.  
Papa didn't realize.  
She were just gone :(
Perhaps mysterious language is "the little Arabian Girl disappeared"
I am happy for no apparent reason. They had their picture taken together :)

Many thought that she is a child of my parents who had died, and sent by God.
Woa .... It means she is my sister? no one else!
No wonder, she looked like to me.  
Ummm .... or maybe just my feeling :'D

It was a miracle of God.
God keep Papa. 


I'm very grateful from my heart ... to You.